Reopening HebrewSchool.jpeg

We are so excited to inform you about the opening of our Hebrew School year!
✏️ Classes will take place as usual, following the protocol and guidelines of the CDC and Health Department. 
⭐ Considering the current situation, we have adjusted the tuition to $710 for the year.
👩‍💻 In the event of school closures, G‑d forbid, due to COVID-19, classes will move online. Parents will have the option to opt-out of online classes for a full refund of those sessions.


What's DIFFERENT on the first day:
⛺ The first session will take place at a different location than usual. It will be held at the outdoor tent which has been used for services the past few weeks. You will receive an address when you register. An armed security guard will be present.
🎈 The first-day program will be a grand carnival, where the children will discover and learn about the upcoming holidays!
📝To ensure your children’s participation in the carnival, please sign them up no later than September 1st
🎁 The first day of school is free as a gift from us to you!


🍏 Wishing you a happy and healthy sweet New Year 🍎