Upcoming Events:
1. Challah Bake- Thursday, October 18th. Click HERE for more info and to RSVP

2. Pre-Chanukah Celebration- Wednesday, November 28th. Click HERE for more info and to RSVP

3. Pre-Tu B'Shvat Paint/Craft Night- Wednesday, January 16th. Click HERE for more info and to RSVP 

4. Pre-Purim Party- Wednesday, February 27th. Click HERE to RSVP

5. Pre-Pesach Event- Wednesday, April 3rd. Click HERE to RSVP

6. Pre-Lag B'Omer Night Out- Wednesday, May 15th. Click HERE to RSVP

Program Committee:
Laura Babayev, Barbara Mezrahi & Inna Vernov

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